Tribal Stag T-Shirt (Juniors)

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The Design

Ow Bist? was born in the Forest of Dean so we thought we'd give a nod to one of its indigenous inhabitants, the beautiful deer. 

The Dean became a Royal hunting forest in Norman times. Thankfully, this is no longer practised and the last record of the monarchy actually hunting in the Forest was 1256, but it continued to be an important source of venison for the Royal table for centuries.

There is a good chance of seeing these majestic creatures throughout the Forest, particularly once you move away from the car parks and if you are quiet. Deer are frequently seen on the verges.

The Garment

Here’s a tee that’s as child-friendly as it can possibly be, thanks to the super-smooth cotton Jersey fabric. Yet it’s strong enough to withstand kids energy and antics, thanks to the tightly twisted ringspun yarns that hold up to enthusiastic wearing and frequent washes and the rainbow of colours satisfies spirited sensibilities.

Size Guide

XS 3/4 (14")  |  S 5/6 (15")  |  M 7/8 (16")  |  L 9/11 (17")  |  XL 12/14 (18.5")