Company Branding


How often have you picked up an advertising leaflet that’s been pushed through your door and shoved it straight in the bin? Or ignored that pop up ad on a website you’re surfing? And no doubt you’ve skipped over the classified section of your local paper, right?

We all do it, so why pay a small fortune for showcasing your business that no-one will see when you can be your very own walking-talking brand! We offer a whole range of workwear for you to slap your company logo and details all over, making your hard-earned cash work harder (even when you’re not!).

Be Your Brand


From t-shirts, polo shirts and hoodies to performance clothing, safety wear and baseball caps, we can provide you with a range of garments for an economy budget right through to premier garments.  Simply go to GET A QUOTE, fill out the form below and we will contact you to discuss your requirement in more detail to provide you with a comprehensive quote.

Once your order has been agreed, we will send you a visual proof so you can see exactly how your garments will look and iron out any wrinkles prior to committing to print.  It couldn't be easier!