Eat Sleep Wifi T-Shirt (Juniors)

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The Design

Is it the same in your household?  The internet goes down and the kids think the end of the world has happened?  And when they're not plugged into the grid, they've got their head in the fridge?  And if none of the above is going on, there they are tucked up in bed and not joining humanity until the crack of noon?  Sound familiar!?

The Garment

Here’s a tee that’s as child-friendly as it can possibly be, thanks to the super-smooth cotton Jersey fabric. Yet it’s strong enough to withstand kids energy and antics, thanks to the tightly twisted ringspun yarns that hold up to enthusiastic wearing and frequent washes and the rainbow of colours satisfies spirited sensibilities.

Size Guide

XS 3/4 (14")  |  S 5/6 (15")  |  M 7/8 (16")  |  L 9/11 (17")  |  XL 12/14 (18.5")