See You In Valhalla T-Shirt (Men's)

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The authentic nordic runes in this design mean "See You In Valhalla". The design also features a viking longship motif. Please note; wearing this t-shirt will NOT turn you into an invincible warrior, nor will it guarantee that Shield Maidens will fall at your feet. And it's probably advisable not to hop in a long wooden boat and go pillaging, there are consequences for that kind of behaviour! :)


Take the edge off your world’s hectic pace with the tee that always feels like a stress-free weekend. This ringspun pre-shrunk cotton Jersey is knit exclusively of deluxe 30s Softstyle™ yarns, resulting in a lightweight, highly uniform fabric that makes an excellent backdrop for embellishment in a wide array of colours. With Euro fit shoulders and arms for a fitted look, it’s a modern-day essential.


"Hello, Friend,

There is no reason why we shouldn't have a long and happy life together, so long as you treat me well. I quite enjoy going into the washing machine, preferably no higher than 40 degrees. By all means, iron me but either turn me inside out first, or place a cotton cloth or towel over me. Whatever you do, DON'T IRON directly onto my print. It doesn't do well under hot conditions and will just get really messy :/

And please, please, please don't put me in the tumble dryer! That's a sure fire way to make me and my print fall out, a relationship that once broken cannot be repaired!

Yours truly, 'See You In Valhalla T-Shirt'"